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Japanese Release

For those of you who haven't been following Rose's MySpace blog, you may not know that on Wednesday she released a singles compilation in Japan collating the first three singles and their b-sides, as well as a track which made an appearance on the MySpace player for a few months this summer.

I received my copy in the post this morning and thought I'd offer my views.

Yes, those are lyrics on the inlay. I'll type them up after I've had another cup of tea. Sorry about the blurriness.

If you've seen Rose live over the last six months you will have heard four tracks (Another Version Of Pop Song*, Start/Stop/Synchro, Fallen Over and First Time This Year) already, and I'm fairly certain that live or demo versions of each are floating around this community as well, so I won't go into those.

Regarding the others - Static Saturday is one of those which will probably only get an airing at the stripped down gigs such as Puregroove Records in June, where it's just Rose, her keyboard, and her swooping voice. False Hopes, the recent b-side to Fallen Over, is again Rose and her keyboard and is possibly the most heartbreakingly beautiful song she's done so far. The other version of Another Version Of Pop Song (and that sentence nearly made me blue-screen just writing it) is a more dancey version of the original. Mind you, anything with more than 80 beats per minute and that mucks around with the order of the lyrics is going to be labelled a "dance mix" in my narrow mind.

So, is it worth it? Well, with the current exchange rates it cost £11 for the CD and around £8 for shipping. If, like me, you're a completionist for artists and want everything they've ever released, or you want decent bitrate versions of the songs and can't wait until April for the album, then go for it. If you've already purchased the singles/b-sides and have £20 of Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket then go to www.RoseDougall.com and buy one of the sexy t-shirts. This is just my opinion, and I'll freely admit that given the choice I'd prefer to listen to Carry On or Find Me Out over the b-sides, so I know my opinion is tempered by that. I'm still glad I spent the money on it and it makes a fitting early Christmas present to myself.

*It's not a typo - the title really is missing an "a" before Pop Song.
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