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More blatant cribbage from the Myspace blog

Blig Blog
So whoopdy doo, its single time once again!!!!
The day i have a single out always feels like a strange secret birthday to me or something, so happy single day to me...
Its called 'Fallen Over'. Maybe you've already heard it up on my page, but if you would like to cherish this musical offering for the rest of time, you may purchase it for pennies at these various virtual shops, and it will come hurtling towards you through the void....


Its the third track from my forthcoming album, and there's also a B-side which is probably the most stripped down thing i have released so far, just me on my mum's piano....

So there you have it, thanks so much for all of your continued support... I'm currently having a big old time in New York, working on a project which I'm excited to tell you about, but that will have to wait for now I'm afraid...
I sort of feel like this single rounds off 2009 for me, and next time I'll be talking about feeding this album of mine to the lions.....
Oh yes, one last thing, me and my lovely band will be playing a few shows in December, I would particularly mention the 3rd at the Hoxton Bar and Grill, London, which is acting as something as a single launch, so please come along if you can!!!

Speak soon, lots of love,
Rose xx
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