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Yes, things are going on! Firstly, an update copied and pasted from Rose's Myspace blog, and hidden behind a cut because large amounts of text scare people:

Fallen Over

So I apologise for being a bit quiet over the summer, everything's been a bit mental the last few weeks.. So! Here's the latest:

I am very pleased to announce that I have a new single, "Fallen Over" coming out on the 23rd of November! I am really happy with the way this one worked out, its been through a number of incarnations, but I think Lee and I finally got there, so that's why it took so long! We're just gonna put it out digitally this time, and all the links for where you can grab it will be up on the myspace... There's some nice artwork to go with it too...

So that's the main bit of news that I'm really excited about. We'll be playing it and two other songs on Marc Riley's show on BBC 6 Music this Wednesday, which is pick of the day in the guardian guide which is nice, so give it a listen.

The last couple of months have mainly been spent finishing the record, which is actually going to have happened by October! I know its been a long old road, but i think that time has really allowed me to establish myself in a natural, organic way, and I'm starting to feel really proud of it as a whole. I've wanted to make sure that every song has reached its full potential and really been investigated fully, and i think we have nearly achieved that. I spent Saturday listening to a wonderful cello player putting some lines down for a couple of my songs which was such a treat, it felt like putting glitter on everything..

Me and the band have been having a lovely time together and have been doing lots of playing and a bit of writing too, which is really exciting. Its great to write with a band again, but in a completely different way to how it was in my last band, there is a lot more room to explore, and i think there could be some exciting stuff in us... We're really looking forward to getting a load of gigs in before the end of the year, obviously i'll keep you posted on all that..

I've also been doing a bit of writing a collaborating for a few other peoples projects, but will talk about that nearer the time...

So that's about the size of it, and i promise to be a bit more talkative over the next months!

I have fallen in love with the American novelist Richard Yates over the summer.. He wrote 'Revolutionary Road' which was recently made into a film, which i haven't read yet, but i thoroughly recommend his collections of short storied, 'Liars in Love' and 'Eleven Kinds of Loneliness' to begin with.. He writes so perceptively about humans, and without ever being sentimental, whilst still being very moving.

I'm struggling to think about what records I've been really into lately, I don't really feel hugely enthusiastic about a lot of the stuff around at the moment, which i feel very bad about, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Been listening to stuff like Deerhunter, quite liked a bit of the XX record, had the The Byrds on a few times weirdly! Oh yeah, have you seen the videos for the new Fever Ray stuff?, (the girl from The Knife). They are amazing, they actually make the music better, which i think is quite rare...

Anyway, must be off,
Lots of love
Rose xx

And secondly, Rose was on Marc Riley's 6 Music show again tonight. If you missed it then never fear! I've downloaded, converted, spliced up and possibly violated all manner of copyright laws to bring it to you.

1. Carry On
2. Interview pt 1
3. To The Sea
4. Interview pt 2
5. Fallen Over

The set can be downloaded here - I've not actually listened to the final mp3s so if somebody could confirm they're decent copies, that'd be great, ta. Carry On starts late because the stream I ripped came in halfway through.

And finally, Rose is playing at the Old Blue Last in London on Sunday October 4th, In The City in Manchester on Monday 19th, and at SWN festival in Cardiff on Friday 23rd. Phew!
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