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Hello hello from your new co-mod :)


Just a little note to keep anyone that's interested in the loop, but as you may have noticed from the press release, i am putting out my first single in December!! And cos I'm really nice, you can here it on this very page. And, cos YOU are really nice, maybe some of you will even buy the seven inch when it comes out..(!!?!) You'll be able to download it too, but more of that gubbins later.... Anyway, i'm really excited about it, and i drew the cover too, so i think it looks nice!
Other than that, i have been ever so busy with this new little group of mine... I am playing with my brother Tom on guitar, my very good friend Ralegh on guitar and mandolin, the lovely Alex on drums, and my very first ever friend, Georgia, (who, in some weird twist of fate, i was recently reunited with after about 17 years, and she's still aces and a bloody good musician!), on bass, backing vocals and occasional keyboards.. I'm still warbling away with the old Casiotone... So that is all very fun, and in fact I've only just got back from our second gig, which was in Leeds last night, supporting British Sea Power who were also playing with Film School.. Despite a rather rushed sound check, much fun was had, and thank you to any one that was there for being so attentive... Especially thanks to BSP for being so supportive and asking me to play with them again, (I was ever so chuffed..)
So i'll keep you updated on any gigs that are happening, and then maybe some of you lot will show your faces at them per chance? sounds like a good deal to me...
ta ta for now!
Rose xx

You should check out this previous entry for a pre-order link and for a link of the song and the art work.
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