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rose_e_dougall's Journal

Rose Elinor Dougall
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A community to appreciate the wondrous talents of songstress Rose Elinor Dougall, formerly known as Rosay Pipette. Feel free to post absolutely anything about Rose, from news to icons and graphics to gig reviews. No spam, please.

Pre-order Rose's first single, 'Another Version Of Pop Song', here.

Dreamy, hazy and very un-Pipettesy music - Pitchfork.com.

The solo stuff is something of a revelation here - essentially fighting back some substantial pain while attempting to keep a stoic, graceful demeanor - Fluxblog.

In April 2008 Rose "Rosay" Dougall announced that she was quitting polka-dotted popsters The Pipettes. After four years as a founder member she decided that she "didn't have any more to offer to the group." and announced through Pitchfork.com that she was putting together a solo record. 'Another Version Of Pop Song', released on limited edition 7" through Scarlett records on December the 8th, is the first fruits of this endeavour. The 7" comes with artwork specifically designed by Rose and an exclusive remix from Chris Rotter.

Eschewing the retro, neo-girl group overtones of her former group, 'Another Version...' sees Rose creating a year zero for herself. Using disparate influences, including Broadcast, Penguin Café Orchestra and The Silver Apples amongst others as a launch-pad, Rose has created a record in her own image, the only link to the past, that rich, identifiable voice.

Produced by Lee "Muddy" Baker, 'Another Version Of Pop Song' will take place alongside a full album in summer 2009. In the meantime Rose has gathered together a collection of like-minded souls to play some shows.


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